Aminogram is a French company, specialized in the development of body composition monitors using the bioelectrical impedance analysis technology. 

These body analysis scales provide a true indicator of inner health and, when monitored over time, can show the impact of a clinical treatment or weight loss program.

Until 2005, the multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance was used only in clinical practices for various studies in healthy and ill subjects. In comparison with the mono-frequency bioelectrical impedance, this approach was much more expensive and had less support from the specialized software developers.

Aminogram’s goal was to develop a body analysis device including the software, using the multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance at a cost similar to professional mono-frequency devices. It developed two products for professionals, the BIODY XPERT ZM and the BIODY COACH ZM.

In 2014, the BIODY XPERT ZM was released as the best multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance device for professionals. It provides a four point measure (hand and foot) and uses Bluetooth for data transfer. A diet software module is available.

BIODY XPERT ZM is a diagnostic and monitoring tool for various conditions such as Osteoporosis, Oncology, sarcopenia, cachexia, diabetes, renal failure, cardiovascular risk, dehydration, malnutrition, nutritional imbalance and obesity.

For more information on the BIODY XPERT ZM, please consult the product brochure.

The BIODY COACH ZM is suitable for sport and wellness professionals. It can be used by sports coaches, slimming centers, spas, thalassotherapy centers or sports training centers.

The BIODY COACH ZM is able to evaluate body modifications related to training, compare and validate training methods, control recovery phases, detect risks of overtraining, optimize the search for optimal performance, monitor potential imbalances.

The precision and reproducibility of BIODY COACH ZM measurements enables the Physiotherapist to take into account the patient’s body imbalances for better management and optimized results. It can also be applied in in postoperative functional rehabilitation, evaluation and recovery of skeletal muscle mass of limbs, muscle / skeletal balance, level of hydration of non-fat materials and undernutrition.

For more information on the BIODY COACH ZM, please consult the product brochure.

The eBIODY Manager Software is a data interpretation platform which connects wirelessly with the BIODY XPERT ZM and the BIODY COACH ZM devices.

It allows tracking & recording client results, exporting data instantly onto a bluetooth device and printing Detailed Analysis Reports.

For further information about the Biody data indicators, please consult the following document (in French): eBIODY Manager – les indicateurs