Finding the right partner and selling in all the channels available

At TriaMedical, we are in contact with several innovative manufacturers who are looking for business partners to ensure the distribution of products in Canada.

Whether for hospitals, private clinics, ambulances, pharmacies or other points of sale, these manufacturers have mandated us to find potential partners for the distribution of their innovative products in Canada.
Our manufacturers have been selected on the basis of criteria that offer you increased sales potential:
• Companies dedicated to the development of the Canadian market
• Innovative products allowing you to differentiate from your competition
• Products with an excellent technical and scientific support
• Products that meet Canadian requirements and are duly certified

If one of the manufacturers in this section interests you, you can contact us and we will give you access to the relevant information that will convince you. We can discuss the opportunity and arrange a meeting with the manufacturer of interest.

Here are the manufacturers we currently represent:

Aminogram develops bioimpedance measuring devices interpretation and dietary monitoring software. The company specializes in the use of multi-frequency bioimpedance metering in order to measure body composition. Its goal is to provide healthcare professionals with powerful and affordable tools so they can obtain accurate information for monitoring their patients.

Firefly is an innovative manufacturer of Full HD camera systems and wireless digital cameras for medical applications. Their award-winning technology provides users with crystal-clear vision at 30 frames per second. Firefly products are used in otolaryngology, urology, gynaecology, pediatrics, telemedicine, veterinary medicine and education.

Forimtech devices assist surgeons localize and remove tumors, metastases and lymph nodes by measuring on the spot the relative local concentrations of radiopharmaceutical products previously administered to patients. The medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are based on detection either of particles or photons.

Oscimed is a company specialized in anti-snoring solutions and sleep disorders such as apnea. It develops devices that help the passage of air during sleep and reduce snoring and its harmful effects.

MDoloris is the first company in the world to offer physicians a non-invasive pain monitoring tool. Of the three components of anesthesia, analgesia is the last to be measured objectively. MDoloris products allow the physician to objectify the pain experienced by the patient in order to administer the appropriate dose of analgesics.

Soothing Scents offers essential oil blends to help patients cope with nausea after surgery. These oils have powerful anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anxiolytic properties, allowing the stomach to relax and regain normal function.

Sanuwave is an emerging leader in the development and commercialization of a high- energy, focused, shock wave technology that is used in devices for the repair and regeneration of bones, muscles, tendons and skin, and for the separation of solids and fluid in non-medical systems.
Zodiac Coating develops and produces innovative silicone-coated materials for healthcare applications. The company owns one of the highest silicone coating capacities in the world.