Forimtech devices assist surgeons localize and remove tumors, metastases, and lymph nodes by measuring on spot the relative local concentrations of radiopharmaceutical products previously administered to patients. Numerous medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are based on detection either of particles (electrons, positrons, gamma, x-rays, alpha-particles) or photons of light (visible or infrared). Traditionally the technologies used for that are spin-off from particle and nuclear physics (sometimes with significant delay).

Forimtech developed two compact, light and wireless probes that help doctors with both of these tasks. The Gamma probe improves on similar devices already in use in radioguided surgery, while the Beta probe is a totally new type of device able to detect extremely small bits of cancerous tissue.

Forimtech’s principal goal is the development of new devices and novel procedures based on the most recent technologies leading to breakthrough in terms of miniaturization, sensitivity, efficiency, precision, user-friendliness and cost.

When surgeons remove a malignant tumor, they have to be sure to get all cancer cells. Just as crucial, they have to determine whether the tumor has already sent micrometastases into the neighboring lymph nodes on the way to the rest of the body.