Soothing Scents

The Soothing Scents story goes all the way back to 2004, when nurse anaesthetist Wendy Nichols began blending essential oils in her kitchen as an alternative way to help her patients deal with nausea after surgery.

“It was distressing to see so many of my patients suffer from nausea and not be able to offer something that didn’t cause unwanted side effects, which many medications do,” says Nichols, who used her decades-long background in medicine to find a solution that was medically safe, and scientifically sound.

What began as a homemade remedy quickly became a standard hospital supply, and finally, a growing business. Together with her brother, Roy Nichols, Wendy founded Soothing Scents: a small but big- hearted establishment that produces essential oil inhalers designed with the safety and science that healthcare environments demand.

Inhaling essential oils works much like alcohol prep pads do. They interrupt the nausea cycle due to the high content of natural alcohol.

Additionally, the components in the oils that we have selected have powerful anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anxiolytic properties, which work directly on the stomach to allow it to relax and return to normal function. Finally, the process of inhalation means that molecules suspended in the vapor travel through your nose and directly to your brain, where they are rapidly processed by olfactory receptors, which is why it works faster than taking a pill.

Each inhaler is formulated with oils that are combined to target a specific concern based on their healing properties, which you can learn more about on our essential oils page.

For further information about the Soothing Scents products, please consult the following document: